Door Hinges 101: Why Do They Creak?

Published: 17th May 2011
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There could be several problems in our house. But did you know most of them have solutions? Some may not be too easy, but are not impossible to fix either. Let us take for example squeaking hinge. Doors have hinges. It is the sole hardware that makes our door solidly attached to the wall. Except for houses with sliding or rotating doors, a hinged door may only be the one who'll be needing a hinge. Although our other wooden furniture might still need a hinge, like our dresser, kitchen cupboard or bathroom cabinet.

We can compare hinges to insects, often misinterpreted and unnoticed. Because they are unimportant and seem to many, they are taken for granted and not highly-regarded. However, once we know how snug they should be, and how solidly stable they should be installed along the door entryway, we could begin to see them as more of a necessary hardware. For oftentimes we only notice their presence if the door starts to makes creaking sounds. And this could signal that our hinge needs some lubrication or a replacement because they might have been working long enough.

We might not know the reason why some household owners prefer their door as sliding doors. Then again, sliding or not sliding, every door has its good and bad side. Perhaps the setting up of the hinge and door knob unto the door is among one of the hardest things to do. Admit it or not, almost all of us are not blessed with the skill to do carpentry stuff. But if you can hire a carpenter then great, if not you can just wish that the whole thing will turn out all right or else. One more bad thing about hinged doors are that all the hardware are made of copper or steel that are likely to get rusty after some time-and so we hear the creaking sounds.

Perhaps this will be the second time you are going to test your carpentry skills, because you might need to replace the hardware. Not forgetting of course that replacement is for desperate measures only. We can try some "first aids" to stop the squeaking sounds. First step is trying to oil the hardware. A lubricating oil is available in any hardware shop you my go. Read the directions at the back of the product. But oftentimes all you need to do is to spray the liquid upon the hardware. Then test the door by opening and closing it if it still make a squeaking sound.

If it does try to remove it completely. Use the screw to remove it from the wall then try to see if there are any soot or paint build-up on it. If there are build-ups, use a metal like a nail as a scraper. Some hinge does screech after door repainting. If you see some dents that could have been causing the sounds, try to even it out by using a hammer. Then place them back again. To ensure there will be no creaking noise anymore, try to rub bath soap upon the hinge. Then close and open the door gently so the suds will spread evenly, making it slick and smooth.

This so-called "first aids" are what generally fix the problem for hinges that have accumulated grimes and/or paint build along their days of hardwork. But if these "first aids" do not stop the creaking sound, it might be that your hinge wants a retirement and you may have to think about replacing them.

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